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Wedding Flower Walls: A magical background to your fairy tale

We understand how difficult it can be to plan any event, let alone a wedding! Your wedding is the most crucial part of your fairy-tale love and there is nothing you want more than making sure that everything is perfect: starting from your dress, to the venue, to the food, and the décor! It only makes sense that you want the arrangements to be trendy and over the top. There is nothing that a couple may want more than to have a picture perfect wedding that is not only memorable for them, but everyone that witnesses it alongside them. Here are some wedding flower walls a magical background to your fairy tale.

Flower walls have become a necessary aesthetic to perfect weddings, and can you really blame them? Flowers have been looked at as symbols of various sentiments for centuries; the strongest symbol still being love. This is why the use of a flower wall seems to be the best option to add an exotic and beautiful effect to the overall essence of the wedding. These flower walls are easily customizable to your personal preferences; you can choose a specific theme and select flowers accordingly for your décor. You can even experiment freely with colors, designs and whatever creative ideas you may have to make your dream wedding a success.

It is almost impossible for the groom and bride to plan everything themselves, so a little professional help will only make the end result better; when looking for a professional you can go through Floral Essence Flower Wall, for ideas and get consultation for magical flower wall arrangements.

The best part about opting for floral arrangements for your wedding is the creative liberty that comes with it; flowers if selected precisely can be used to turn your atmosphere into almost anything you want. You can make it a tropical wedding by opting for the greenery; or turn it into a Cinderella story by opting for subtle colored flowers. These arrangements can give you almost anything that you want. Make the wedding a sophisticated affair, or make it pop out with vibrant flower arrangements.

Traditionally, flower walls for weddings are used for the aisle where the vows ceremony is performed, but it gets better when you experiment with it and use it to create various spaces. In addition to using it as a backdrop for your ceremony, you could also use it for the entrance at the venue, or place it behind the bridal table. Flower walls can easily be used to create corners that function as a picture spot for your guests. If you plan it properly you can turn your wedding into a scene from a fairytale itself. There are a few ingenious ways that you could use to move a little away from the traditional flower wall arrangements and opt for something funky, awe-inspiring, and trendy!

An All Green World

The first and foremost thing to consider when choosing flower walls for your wedding is the theme that you want to follow. You are the one who decides what goes best with your wedding; but if you’re going with a tropical look, telling your florist to go all green is the smartest move. You can select an arrangement that has a combination of mosses and greenery to enhance the tropical feel. To make it more authentic, you can add some branches, or wood to the overall look to make it seem more attractive.

Tell a Tale

There’s nothing more magical than two people waiting to tell their stories; and who doesn’t want to hear about how you met, fell in love, and everything in between? You can easily tell your story using the flower wall arrangements at your wedding. If the ceremony or reception is in doors and you have a plain wall – you can use it as a canvas to paint your own little story. Ask your florist to create a flower wall that also incorporates slogans and/or words that tell what matter to you and your story. You can use hashtags or one liners to express whatever you want the guests to know about your fairytale.

Hanging Flowers

Don’t keep yourself limited to a standing flower wall behind the aisle or the bridal table; scatter the beauty of flowers around the venue using hanging flower walls. Hanging flower walls can give you a creative edge for your professional photography and make the venue seem magical.

Make Creative Corners

As suggested before you could use flower walls to create small corners that could function as picture spots for you and your guests. You could pump it up with props such as a sofa and mild spotlights to give it a more regal look. Not only will this add a wow factor to your wedding but your wedding will be excessively memorable.

Create a Monochrome effect

If you want your wedding to have a sophisticated look but still stand out, you could always opt for a monochromatic look for the event. You could use white flowers with a background of mosses or darker shades of greenery.

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