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Stunning and Drool-Worthy Flower Walls for Weddings

Walking down the aisle of a beautiful wedding venue with fresh flowers on the wall is every girl’s dream. However, the floral wall these days is more expensive than you can think of. Whether it is a celebrity’s wedding or common man’s, people can save a huge amount by creating simple flower walls at affordable rates. And here are some stunning and drool worthy flower walls for weddings to do that:

Garden Themed Floral Wall

Nothing is more refreshing and elegant than a garden-themed floral wall. Even the garden-themed floral wall ideas are more pocket-friendly than walls. You can use all seasonal or regular flowers available in the market. Simply mix and match different exquisite flowers to create something more beautiful.

Fresh Flowers and Moss

Fresh flowers and mosses on a floral wall are less expensive and can be used anytime in the year. Where some seasonal flowers are expensive and required extra care while hanging or using, mosses and some fresh large-sized blooms are pretty cost-effective.

Abstract Frame Flower Wall

For a creative touch over your floral wall, you can use abstract frames to give it a hint of modernity. Because it is not necessary to go for flowers only for a floral wall. But you can use other objects and supporting things for a better look. And the abstract frames with the floral wall can go great while you are hosting a classy wedding.

Floral Mantel

The floral mantel design is a perfect style for winter weddings. Especially if you are a fan of geometric designs then this floral wall is ideal to go with. This piece is created by hanging a bunch of flowers at a focal point.

Floral Signage

With unique signage ideas, you can create outstanding floral walls. The floral signage wall ideas include leaves and foliage instead of real florals. The greenery from the leaves gives a bright shine to the metallic signage and chandeliers (if you have hanged).

Cascading Floral Hedge

Cascading or hanging floral hedge goes well with standalone structure. It creates a beautiful design with mashed color flowers and the entire wall fits well with the wedding theme.

Hanging Blooms

Who doesn’t love the hanging blooms with traditional floral themed wall? Well, hanging blooms are so in fashion for a modern wedding especially if you are having a summer wedding. You can match the bloom with the backdrop or go with some contrasting colors for the bloom.

Flowers and Lattice

Flowers over a lattice frame go perfect for weddings. They are too covered or to give a complex look but their simplicity makes it look super cute. Even the clustered flowers give a simplistic and beautiful effect.

In Conclusion

Flower walls and weddings are perfect to go with each other. They are like the best companions that enhances the entire look of the venue. Whether you go for a fancy floral wall or one with simple blossoms hanging over a decorated flower wall, Floral Essence Flower Wall has it all.

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