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Elegant Flower Wall Ideas to Make Your Wedding Day More Special

If you are following the latest trends then you must know flower walls are totally in fashion. Here are some amazing elegant flower wall ideas to make your wedding day more special. They are being used for a lot of occasions, weddings and more. As the world’s evolving around social media, people love to take selfies and what’s better than flower walls to capture a perfect picture. It also makes your event look more beautiful.

Here are some amazing DIY wall ideas to make your wedding day more special:


Elegant Flower Wall Ideas to Make Your Wedding Day More Special

The minimal flower walls are ideal for people who want to have a decent and simple wedding. It’ll make your venue look more aesthetic. All you need to do is grab some blossoms and add those on the wood wall with a cute message.


Elegant Flower Wall Ideas to Make Your Wedding Day More Special

If you are confused between an archway and a wall then you can add a bunch of flowers on it to make it look more graceful. Covering an arch with light-colored flowers will add more texture to it. You can even throw some vines, buds and twisty twigs to give a rusty look.


For a dreamy bohemian wedding venue, you need a bohemian style wall to make your wedding unforgettable. To do that you need blossoms over some dark sunset swirls as it will help your flower pop out to give an authentic bohemian vibe.


To give your wall a modern look, you need to get multiple flowers. Don’t go with any consistency, just grab the ones you like. Tuck some of them into a modern geometrical vase that can be attached to the wall easily. This type of modern floral art is best to depict elegance.


To give your wedding a fresh autumn vibe, you can add vibrant colored flowers to make a bold statement.


Make a bunch of wildflowers with a lot of twigs and vines. Tie those up with a silky fabric and let them drape to give a gorgeous look. Also, make sure to do this art on a rustic or dark backdrop to make it go well with the wild theme.


Add some whimsical buds on the flowers and let the vines drape. It will give your wall a fairyland theme which you can make more fantastic by adding some white light.


You can add light-toned and blushing exquisite florals on any type of monochromatic wall. Though it’s ideal if you use the technique on a soft painted wall. Also, just let the vines dangle to give it a natural look by loosening up some twigs.


Elegant Flower Wall Ideas to Make Your Wedding Day More Special

Dark-toned flowers are always in fashion. Whether you want to go for the red roses or violet blossoms, they are perfect to give your wedding a bold vibe. You can pair dark-toned flowers with every type of style you want to carry. They’ll go fine with the modern, minimalist, lush or luxe wall ideas.

Your wedding is an important day, not for you but for the people who are attending it too. Make sure to add all the efforts you can to make it unforgettable. You can go for these DIY simple wall ideas to make your day more special. You can also visit Floral Essence Flower Wall to let the experts design a dreamy wall for your wedding.

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