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Brighten Up Your Fall Wedding with These Unique Flowers

Winter weddings are always special. From the unique decorations to the clothes you wear, everything looks more beautiful. The majority of people prefer to fall weddings over any other season because they are romantic, cozy and you can do so much more than just simple decorations. You can even use unique flowers that only bloom in winter and add that dramatic and romantic look with perfect red and snowy white flowers. Brighten up your fall wedding with these unique flowers.

From adding a feminine touch to the classic red or green décor, you can do it all. You can even give more options to the bride to choose the right flowers for the wedding bouquet. With the winter blossoms, it’ll be easier for you to add the cool tones and twigs to host a classic winter wedding.


Amaryllis comes in mind when you first think of winter holiday flowers. They are available in a variety of colors. However, the red and white amaryllis are typically used. Their brighter shade adds more color to the bouquet when paired with a white silk satin ribbon to tie it up.

Hypericum Berries

They are most commonly seen in every winter wedding as hypericum berries are a winter wedding staple. They are perfect to add a playful pop of color against a dark suit and work perfectly as a boutonniere. Because of the color and availability, they are easily incorporated with most of the design, look by adding more texture to the texture, centerpieces, and more.

Sweet Peas

If you are obsessed with those cute small flowers that you only see in the winter wedding then you might want to know that they are known as the sweet peas. They are also known as the most romantic flowers and are very soft. Due to their delicate textures, petals and stems, they require good care.


When you talk about the flowers that are also known as winter’s gems, camellias come to mind. They are artistically arranged, even the petals are layered over one another in gradient shades that add more texture to its appearance. They are bloomed only in the winter season throughout late fall and are easily available in the market. Wedding designers usually prefer camellias for winter weddings as they go well with the bride’s gown.


Carnations and winter weddings are perfect to pair with each other however they are the most underappreciated flowers. Because of the fact they are easily adjustable with other flowers, people use it more for decorative purposes. They are also available in a variety of colors and maybe that’s why designers use it for creating eye-catching floral decoration pieces.


They are the most beautiful blossoms available for winter weddings. You can get the black and white ones and tie them with a silk ribbon. They are perfect for a high-class or sophisticated wedding and go well with the modern interior. You can also pair them with fresh deep-hued calla lilies and some twigs to give it a classy look.

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